Xun Xu
President of BGI Research

Xun Xu, President of BGI Research , Chief Executive Officer of China National Gene Bank (CNGB), is responsible for the research and development of the experiment technology of molecular biology and information, including the development of sequencer and related technologies, single cell sequencing technology, and research on the transformation application of the sequencing technology in diseases and agriculture. Graduated with bachelor degree from Wuhan University and obtained doctor degree in Kunming Institute of Zoology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Xun’s main research results include establishing the research and development team of the next generation sequencer to develop the high throughput sequencers and desktop sequencers which broke the situation of importing sequencers and accelerated the transformation to the clinical research. Expected the published papers in the areas of heredopathia and cancer research, Xun developed detection kits based on the next generation sequencing for clinical application and committed to the research on precision medicine.

Xun has published more than 150 papers collected by SCI on international top scientific magazines such as Nature, Science, Cell, etc., including 12 papers as the first author or parallel first author and 18 papersas the corresponding author. Besides, Xun has participated in 8 projects including 973 project and 863 project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the 948 project of the Ministry of Agriculture, etc.. Currently, Xun is responsible for the national projects, such as domestically producing sequencers and the industrial cluster project of National Development and Reform Commission. About the patents, Xun has already obtained nine patents and over 30 patents that are under application.

In August 2013, Xun was awarded as the “researcher of basic theory of natural science and technology” by Special Assessment Committee for Senior Position of Hubei Province, being the youngest gainer of the senior title;On October 21, 2014, he was assessed as “national leading talent of Shenzhen”; On October 17, 2015, selected as “Big challenge young scientist” by Ministry of Science and Technology and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;On December 14, 2015, he was awarded with “Shenzhen Outstanding Talent Award”; In February, 2016, awarded with “First Prize of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology” with the project name as “Research on Genomics of Malignant Tumors in the Urinary System”;On February 26, 2016, he was awarded with “the Second prize of the Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education” with the project name as “Research on Genomics of Malignant Tumors in the Urinary System”.

Yongwei Zhang
Executive Officer of BGI Research

Yongwei Zhang, Ph.D., serves as Executive Director of BGI Research, the R&D arm of BGI-Shenzhen, world’s largest genomics service company. He is also Chief Operating Officer of Complete Genomics (San Jose, CA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BGI. Dr. Zhang has over 20 years of experience in optics-based instruments and systems. He began his career in Quinta Technologies developing optically-assisted computer hard drives. Quinta was later acquired by Seagate. He was a Co-Founder of telecom component startup company iolon, Inc, which has raised ~$100million VC funding. He joined biotech startup Guava Technologies in 2005, where he held positions with increasing responsibilities. Guava was later acquired by Millipore, subsequently by Merck KGaA. As Head of New Product Introduction at Merck Life Science division, he helped to develop and manufacture several generations of Guava flowcytometry instruments and reagent kits, including the award-winning Muse Cell Analyzer. In 2013, he joined Complete Genomics as Sr. Director of Engineering, responsible for the development of NGS sequencing platform BGISEQ series. Dr. Zhang is also a strong advocate for STEM education. He served as a Board Member of US nationally top-ranked Saratoga School Union District. Dr. Zhang received his B. Eng in Precision Instruments and B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Tsinghua University in Beijing, M.S. in Computer Sciences, M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

Yong Hou
Vice Executive Officer of BGI Research

Yong Hou serves as Chairman of Wuhan BGI Genome Biotech Co., Ltd. since March, 2017. He was assessed as the Senior Research of Hubei BGI Research in April, 2014 and has worked as Vice Executive Officer of Shenzhen BGI Research up to now. In recent 5 years, he has published more than 30 SCI articles and 11 articles as the first author or corresponding author including 2 articles on Cell and 2 articles on Nature Communication and the citation times of the articles exceeds 1,000 times in all. Yong is responsible for the construction of single cell sequencing platform with high throughput, antibody screening platform with high throughput and metagenome transformation application platform of Wuhan BGI Research. Yong is responsible for 863 project of the Ministry of Science and Technology,2 subsidiary projects of key projects of the natural science foundation of Guangdong province and 2 projects of key technology breakthrough and application demonstration in Shenzhen, with the total fund of nearly RMB15 million. Yong has applied for more than 30 national invention patents and obtained 1 United States patent. Relevant results transformation increases more than RMB 20 million for enterprises accumulatively. Besides, Yong was awarded with the second prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology in 2014. Currently, Yong serves as the Guest Editor of the magazine, Clinical and Translational Medicine and the Invited Reviewer of BMC bioinformatics and other magazines.

Hui Jiang
Vice President of BGI Research

Xin Liu
Vice Executive Officer of BGI Research

Xin Liu has been engaged in the basic scientific research related to genome since 2009 with the main research directions including agricultural genomics, group evolutionary genomics and bioinformatics orientation. The main research contents include the research on the assembly and evolutionary annotation of the plant and animal genome, the research on the genetic polymorphism of plants and animals based on whole-genome resequencing, and the molecular breeding technology of animals and plants, etc. In the relevant research field of genome, Xin has published more than 43 SCI scientific and research papers and published 23 papers on the international top science magazines such as Nature and its serials,Science, Cell, etc. Including 8 papers as the first author or the parallel first author and 4 papers as the corresponding author; meanwhile, he has various relevant patents and has participated in a number of important scientific research projects including 973, 863 project of Ministry of Science and Technology and Shenzhen scientific research plans. Xin has been appointed as the part-time lecturer of Chinese University of Hong Kong since 2016, responsible for teaching the lecture of Genetic Informatics.

Ming Ni
Vice Executive Officer of BGI Research

Ming Ni, Doctor of Physics Department of Peking University, post-doctor of French Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and Vice Executive Officer of BGI Research, is responsible for the research and development of gene sequencing technology. His research fields include synthetic biology, systems biology, microfluidic technology and sequencing technology. Besides, Ming is the guest lecturer of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, teaching “systems biology” and participating in completing 1 863 project and 1 innovation team project of Guangdong province.

Erchun Zhang
Vice President of BGI Research

Guojie Zhang
Vice President of BGI Research

Guojie Zhang, the Deputy Director of China National Gene Bank, the guest researcher of Kunming Animal Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Associate Professor of Biology Department of University of Copenhagen with life-long teaching staff, has published over 100 papers on international academic journals with high impact including 14 ones in Science, 8 ones in Nature, 5 ones in Nature Genetics, 1 article in Cell, dozens of papers in Nature serials as well as more than 40 papers as the first author or corresponding author, which makes internationally leading and outstanding academic contributions in terms of frontier biosciences--biological diversity genomics and ecological evolutionary genomics. Most articles Guojie published were chosen as the cover articles, furthermore, some other papers were chosen by F1000 as the key recommendation articles. The overall citation rate of the articles exceeds 10,000 times with h-index 47 and i10-index 82. The research results were widely reported by many mainstream media such as CNN, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, and National Geographic, etc. Besides, Guojie was awarded with Li Ruqi Animal Genetics Award, Shenzhen Youth Science and Technology Award, and Nanyue Science and Technology Innovation Excellent Academic Papers.

Shida Zhu
Vice Executive Officer of BGI Research

Shida Zhu has been engaged in the research and development of biological information in BGI Research since 2010 with the research directions including cancer genomics, epigenetics, tumor heterogeneity, the differentiation and evolution of single cell, etc. As the executive principal of the Chinese project of China-Denmark Breast Cancer Research Center and the head of the Chinese project team of the International Cancer Genome Federation, Shida participated in or organized lots of cooperation both in international and domestic fields who is the core member of 863 project, 973 project, national natural fund and national key research and development special projects and other projects. Furthermore, Shida has abundant research experience and results in terms of the establishment of genetic characteristics of Chinese patients based on lung cancer multi-omics data, research on family and high risk group of hereditary tumor, application of multi-omics data in technical development of early detection of cancer, individual cancer therapy based on genomics technology, etc.

Wenwei Zhang
Vice Executive Officer of BGI Research

Wenwei Zhang, joined in BGI Research in 2008 and served as Vice Executive Officer of BGI Research in 2016, responsible for development of RNA sequencing library preparative technique, DNA sequencing library preparative technique, Metagenomic library preparative technique, methylation library preparative technique, Index sequencing technology, high throughput sequencing biochemical technology, molecular tool enzyme and fluorescent labeling nucleotide compounds successively. Furthermore, Wenwei has published 13 papers and invented 60 patents.

Since 2013, as the principal of sequencing biochemical team, he has led the biochemical team to successfully complete the development of matching kit for BGISEQ-500 table sequencer and BGISEQ-50 small-scale sequencer developed by BGI independently. The products were launched in October, 2015 and October, 2016 separately, meeting the scientific research and clinical demands at different levels. 

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