FGF description

FGF (Fishing Gene Family) is a useful tool for finding gene family and plotting phylogenetic tree. Besides these, it also gives the gene duplication evolutional information. We named it Fishing Gene Family (FGF), because using a gene as bait you can fish all the gene family and the related information. FGF can be widely used in the analysis of gene duplication and gene family evolution, especially for the research of new functional gene by duplication.

There are three steps to work with FGF. First, you should put in your right e-mail address or register to FGF user. The second is to put in or upload protein sequence with FASTA format and select the genome data in which finding gene family. Finally, setup parameters of alignment and evolution analysis, this step is not necessary and you can use the default parameters. The result can be feedback to your e-mail, all duplications information are shown in phylogenetic tree: (1) the position of duplication in chromosome; (2) the intro/exon structure; (3) stop codon/frame shift in duplication sequence and ka/ks ratio of every copy by which user can judge duplication fate. Other results are also given in separately file, these include: duplication sequence, duplication structure, Multi-sequence alignment result and phylogenetic tree information.

    BGI FGF team, all right reserved. Feb. 20th, 2006 Master: fgf@genomics.org.cn